Heroica: World On Fire custom board.

As the Goblin King, his allies, and minions have seized the Northern Kingdom territories of Ennon, including Castle Fortaan, the fallout of the invasion has had terrible and frightening consequences on all the other territories across the sea. As people have fled to the Northeastern territories, the masses, with their inexperience with the areas, have awakened new dangers.  New and treacherous adventure awaits.

A band of heroes have formed to free Heroica, especially the Northern Kingdom of Ennon. First, they must navigate the Northeastern territories, collect relics, amass potions, arms, and gold, free prisoners, face grave danger, do battle with villainous foes, and cross the chaotic sea before they can. Will they succeed, or perish before barely beginning their journey? After all, it is the whole Heroica World On Fire!


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