Opan District

The Opan District is the main part of the city in the Northeastern Territories of Heroica. It is here where one can purchase food, weapons, and potions, do some banking, gather information, and take in some rest and relaxation. But not too much rest is available these days. The merchants are a bit shady, so one has to always keep alert. Also, the streets of Opan are filled with punks from the Northern Kingdom of Ennon with nowhere to go, and nothing to do but harass heroes and steal their items.

Notable Characters (From left to right)

Orange Character – Merchant – They generally sell items at cost, but they can barter. If a hero wishes to barter (ONLY on any item worth more than 1 Gold, but less than 8 Gold), the dice must be rolled. The rolls are as follows:

1 (sword/skull) = Price remains the same.

2 (skull) = Hero must pay 1 Gold over regular price.

3 (Sword) = Hero can pay 1 Gold under regular price.

4 (Shield) = Hero names the price. (1 Gold minimum).

Red Character – Punk Boss – Strength 4

Blue Character – Punk – Strength 2. When fighting a Punk, a roll of a 1 or 2 is just like normal Heroica combat rules, but in addition, on a 1 roll, the Punk takes 1 item, and on a 2 roll, the Punk takes two items. Stolen items are not retrieved when character is defeated.


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