Dunes of Daseem

A long time ago, a “box” fell from heavens. Rumored to be inside the box is the mysterious “Spaceman”. The Spaceman, unable to find the technology to be able to get his “box” off the planet, has decided that if he can not return to his home to serve, he will rule where he has crash-landed. The “Spaceman” used parts of his ship to experiment on the dead bodies and animals that littered the desert. He has found that his advanced technology has raised corpses to life, as well as mutated snakes and scorpions and has brought them all under control.

The Goblin King is rumored to have approached the “Spaceman” to form an alliance, but the offer was rejected. The “Spaceman” has his sights on ruling the entire world of Heroica, and the Northeastern territories are first on his agenda. Besides the Goblin King’s assault on the Northern Kingdom of Ennon, the “Spaceman” and his ever-growing army of the undead and mutated vicious animals is the greatest threat facing the whole known world. He must be stopped at all cost.

Characters, items, and features of note (either on the map, or top left to bottom right):

Lime Snake – Strength 3

Gold Scorpion – Strength 4

Gold Snake Staff – Works like a magic door.

Snake Charmer – must be placed on the Snake Staff in order to remove it. Once removed, it is worth 8 Gold.

Blue Snake – Strength 4

Black Scorpion – Strength 2

Mummy General – Strength 4

Mummy – Strength 3

“Spaceman” – Strength 5

Red Snake (see pics above) Strength 2 (must be cleared out of the way to put snake charmer on Snake Staff in front of “Spaceman”.

Key Trap – The rolls are as follows: 1 (sword/skull) = remove key and take 2 damage, 2 (skull) = takes 3 damage, Roll 3 (Sword) = safely removes key, and 4 (Shield) removes key and hero receives 1 gold.


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