Each hero has a custom hero pack designed to hold a large number of enemies and items. Each hero begins the game with 16 health. Once the hero has lost all health with no way to recover, the hero is out of the game, loses all items, and must start over with a new hero if he or she wishes to continue the game. Each hero can only carry as many items as the number of health currently possessed. When a hero loses health, they must drop the number of items equal to the health lost IF they have as many items as health. For example, a hero with 1 health and 16 items loses 4 health, the hero must drop 4 items of their choice, but if the hero has 9 items, 16 health, and loses 3 health, no items need to be dropped. Dropped items are to be placed on the the tiles surrounding the hero (as many tiles as it takes), and other heroes may pick the items up (and perhaps be nice enough to return them when the wounded hero regains health…or not).

The Heroes.

The Wizard – Spent many years in mystical cities devoted to his studies. He is a master of controlling fire, and due to his education, can use potions with less potential injury to himself. The wizard was studying abroad in the Northeastern territories when The Goblin General invaded the Northern Kingdom of Ennon. Ranged Skill: Can defeat all monsters with a four space radius, even around corners.

Lady Barbarian – The Lady Barbarian hails from the Barresh Settlements, and was on a gold expedition in the Northeastern territories when The Goblin General began his assault on the Northern Kingdom of Ennon. She was in search of gold in order to amass enough funds to launch an assault on Iclesis and his minions in order to restore honor to the Barresh people. Skill: Can remain stationary and find one 1 Gold when not engaged in combat.

The Rogue – Having spent his youth homeless in the streets of Drandora, he honed his skills as a thief in order to survive. After being caught by the wealthier citizens who sought to clean up their area, he was exiled to the Northeastern territories. However, with the invasion of the Northern Kingdom of Ennon, and the whole world of Heroica delving into chaos, the Rogue seeks to redeem himself, and use the opportunity to acquire some wealth as an added bonus. Melee Skill: Defeats an enemy and steals 1 Gold from his adversary.

The Druid – Having spent most of his life in nature, he has become one with the world, and has mastered the ability to heal himself. The Druid believes that the invasion has given rise to too much chaos in the world, and will stop at nothing to restore the balance. Ranged Skill: Restores 4 health.

The Princess – She is the luckiest girl in the whole world. Avoiding capture in the Northern Kingdom of Ennon was a feat accomplished entirely by accident. Shortly before the invasion, she was dispatched to the Northeastern territories to deliver news that the King has renewed his attention to strengthening security due to rising threats in the territory that had unsettled the people. Far from boosting moral, the news of the invasion, along with the hordes of refugees flooding into the Northwestern territory, matters became worse, rather than better. However, The Princess is not just gonna sit by and watch her beloved kingdom fall. Skill: Extremely lucky and gains an extra roll with every Shield roll made.

The Ranger -The fiercest shot with bow and arrow in the entire Kingdom and surrounding territories. He was raised in the forests of Ennon, but has spent most of his adult life in search for challenge and adventure. The Ranger was in Opan for a contest to defend his renowned marksmanship when the invasion began. With all the chaos going on, he expects an adventure of a lifetime. Ranged Skill: Moves one space and defeats all enemies in a straight line up to 5 spaces away.

The Ninja – The Ninja spent most of his young life training in the martial arts. Growing up in Opan, things were always busy. He spent most of his free time cleaning up the streets in because the authorities had their hands too full, and were not as effective as The Ninja’s tactics. The Ninja had always dreamed of leaving Opan to study at the Aeropa Temples in the Southwestern territories, but one of his childhood rivals, the Black Ninja, took a different path towards embracing darkness. After hearing word of his rival’s takeover of Areopa and his sinister plans to rule the Southwestern Territories, the Ninja hopes to restore Aeropa to its former prominence as a place of peace. But now with all the chaos in Heroica, The Ninja seeks to bring peace for all the territories. Ranged Skill: Moves five spaces undetected by enemies, even when ending movement adjacent to them.

The Barbarian – Raised in the Barresh mountains, the barbarian always has sought to live by the honor codes of his people. When Iclesis betrayed his people, The Barbarian was deeply offended and vowed to personally confront him about the matter and settle it once and for all. He was en route to Rylor when he got word of the invasion. He now seeks to band heroes together to put an end to the reign of terror that has engulfed the territories…but first things first. Melee Skill: Defeats all adjacent monsters and advances 1 space.

The Knight – Valiant and proud to be in service to the King, The Knight is a highly decorated warrior in the Ennon army. Shortly before the invasion of the Northern Kingdom of Ennon, the Knight had been dispatched by the King to protect The Princess on her journey. When word of the invasion arrived, several of his fellow Knights believed that maintaining law and order as well as holing up to amass the necessary procurement to be effective was more important than guarding the Princess. Having been betrayed, the Knight seeks to protect the Princess at all costs, but also put an end to the traitors, and free the Northern Kingdom from the invading forces. He is begrudgingly tolerant of The Princess’ own desire to fight rather than flee. Ranged Skill: Move two spaces and defeat an adjacent enemy.


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