Isorea Cemetery

Isorea Cemetery was once the peaceful resting place for the departed, but as the Graverobbing Twins began tinkering with their magic in the area, it has become a haunting and haunted place. Mutant rats, skeletons, and traps abound throughout the grounds, that few dare to enter, to find out what the foreigners are doing in there. There is a rumor that the place is not just crawling with creeps, but is also filled with  relics and treasures.

Characters and Items of note (from left to right)

White rat – Strength 3.

Gray Rat – Strength 2.

Torch (same as Nathuz).

Graverobber – Strength 5.

Skeleton – Strength 4.

Bone Trap – Rolls are as follows. 1 (sword/skull) = remove trap and take 2 damage. 2 (Skull), take 3 damage and move back a step. 3 (sword) – remove trap. 4 (Shield) = remove trap and move one space to the other side.

Chrome Gold Key – Allows the hero that possesses the key to pass through any locked door (only works for that hero that possesses it). Cost/Worth 8 Gold


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