Kuraan Volcano

Just in time for the chaos, Kuraan erupted, and the Firetamers, having captured the seasoned wizard Dorf, have seized the moment, using their wizardry learned from Dorf, gained from him under the threat of destroying Ligead, to unlock its secrets. Having brought the Lava Dragon, Red Spiders, and other lesser dragons under their power, they are primed to wreck havoc on the Northeastern territories. Dorf  has been imprisoned, and the villagers of Ligead are desperate to get him safely home.

Notable characters and items (From top left to bottom right).

Green Dragon – Strength 2

Gray Dragon (not pictured) – Strength 3

Lava – Same rules as Rocks (from official Nathuz game)

Red Spider – Strength 3

Dorf the Wizard – Prisoner needing rescue

Lava Dragon – Strength 8

Fire Pillar – Works like magical doors

Trans-orange disk – Landing on the disk allows hero to move Fire Pillar to any black space.

Lava Torch – Adds one space of movement to any role (like regular rules from Nathuz), but is not lost when hero takes damage.

Firetamer – Strength 4


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