The Magical Shop

When away on a journey, buying food, weapons, and other items can be rather difficult. But the Magical Shopkeeper and his Magical Shop can be summoned during a turn by using a Scepter of Summoning or Magical Wand (the player can do nothing else during this turn). The rolls are similar to rolling a potion. They are as follows: 1 (sword/skull) summons the shop but costs two health (though one is returned upon entering the shop), 2 (skull) = mishap and hero loses 3 health, 3 (sword) and 4 (Shield) = summons the shop.

Each of the Scepters of Summoning or Magical Wands can summon the Magical Shopkeeper, which will connect the Magical Shop to the nearest 6×6 plate to the player that summoned it, that has an open space to attach (with enough room as needed as well) in order for the heroes to purchase goods when away from Opan (Especially in the Northern Kingdom of Ennon where there is currently no shops at all). The shop will remain open for four rounds and then disappear, so the heroes should stay close to one another if wishing to buy something. The magical shop also has healing powers. Entering the shop can restore one health if needed. This comes in handy if a hero is about to die. It is important to leave the shop immediately if possible, because after four rounds, including the same round of rolls that the player summoned it,the shop leaves leaves. Players can get stuck in the shop (and can not “summon” the shop to return from within it, someone else must summon it). It is important to remember that buying something takes a round, so don’t buy on the fourth round.

Wu the Magical Shopkeeper does not barter at all.


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