The Sea

The Sea is a treacherous place. Pirates have been seizing vessels coming from Drandora and Draida, oversized fish causing problems for shippers, and the dreaded sea creature has all made sailing the sea an extremely dangerous venture. As the fallout of the refugees from the Northern Kingdom of Ennon has slowed, the situation has gotten worse rather than better, because there are fewer targets for all the hazards of the sea to focus on. It is little wonder that chartering vessels out of Beadom has become a pricey endeavor.

Characters, items, and features of note: (from the map, and picture top left to bottom right)

Light blue tiles – shallow water, vessels may not pass through those areas. If attempted, the ship runs aground and can no longer move. These colored tiles also are on the outside of the islands, and heroes can walk on them.

The Sea King – Strength 6. Guards access to Draida Bay. He must be defeated and the Trident removed so that the gate will be lifted, allowing access to Draida. The Trident is worth 10 Gold.

Trans-Green Disk – landing on this allows the player to remove the seaweed barrier.

Over-sized Fish – Strength 3, and can be eaten to restore 2 health.

Goldhorn – Worth 5 Gold.

Seaweed Barrier (works like magical doors)

Sea Vessel –  Moving a sea vessel is a bit tricky. To move a space is one space on the die, but to turn 45 degrees also requires a movement space. For instance, if one wants to turn 45 degrees and move forward two spaces, this will require a roll of three. If one wants to navigate the vessel 90 degree turn, this will require two spaces. If player vessels come adjacent to enemy vessels, they must stop to fight. Defeated vessels can be commandeered by the players if they so chose. Cost/Worth of vessels are 26 Gold if buyer is found, one can try to sell it to a merchant in Opan. The rolls are as follows. 1 (sword/skull) = merchant buys at 1/2 price. 2 (skull) = merchant declines to purchase, 3 (sword) =  merchant buys at regular price, and 4 (Shield) merchant buts at 30 Gold. Pictured is an enemy sea vessel, which of course, do not move.

White Pirate – Strength 3

Black Pirate 5

Sea Creature – Strength 8 (and sinks vessel is wins three rounds of combat, and players all drown)

Rough Waters – Works like a trap. Here are the rolls for dealing with rough waters. 1 (sword/skull) = weather clears up, but all players on vessel lose 2 health. 2 (skull) -= ship has to back off two spaces, and all players on vessel loses 3 health, 3 (sword) Weather clears, and 4 (Shield) the vessels sails through weather no problem.

Red Pirate – Strength 4


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