Toamar Mountains

The Toamar Mountains was once the richest source of minerals and has plenty of fresh water from the runoff of Rylor Snowcaps. However, the Toamar Warrior, so-called by the locals, has raised an army of skeletal warriors to maintain control of the richest source of wealth in the Northeastern territories. There is a rumor that the Toamar Warrior has an alliance with the Goblin King to raise enough forces to seize control of the entire region.

Characters, items, and features of note (From top left to bottom right):

With the top two pathways, the attempt here is to give the impression of rock ledges of mountains. Slanted tiles, found here and on the board, require two movement spaces to navigate. A hero can neither land on one, nor move past it on a roll of 1 if positioned before a slanted tile.

Toamar Warrior (blue character from the above pics with “crown”) Strength 5

Trans-orange Scorpion (see picture above) – Strength 3

Skeletal Warrior – Strength 4

Slippery rocks – These are treated like rocks, etc. in the regular game. They can not be passed. A player must stop and deal with it. Here are the rolls: 1 = player slips but get past the wet rocks, and loses one health. 2 = player falls hard and loses two health and has to back away a space. 3 Player gets to remove it but does not advance. Shield – player gets past it and removes it from the path.

Trans-blue rock (sapphire) – Worth 5 Gold

Trans-light blue – Worth 3 Gold

Rocks – Same as Nathuz.


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