Zakkar Fortress

Zakkar Fortress has been taken over by a renegade Knight from Castle Fortaan who was once assigned to The Princess’ protection detail. He and his minions have taken it as a stronghold, and are planning to launch an assault on the Northeastern territories to “restore order”, but the renegade knight, his infantry, and his rogue mercenaries are content to see how things unfold for now. In the meantime, they have launched oppressive raids in the surrounding areas to amass wealth for themselves. Their reign of terror must come to an end, or the heroes may have no help from the locals in any area.

Notable Characters and Items (From top left to bottom right)

Black disk – Moves black/bronze magic doors to any dark gray space.

Clear dish – Moves the all black magic door to any space.

Chrome Silver Key – Allows the hero that possesses the key to pass through any locked door (only works for that hero that possesses it). Cost/Worth 8 Gold

Green Goblet – This chalice prevents death. The character who possesses it can not lose last health. Cost/Worth 10 Gold

Blue Merc -Strength 2

Yellow Merc – Strength 2

Black/Bronze Magic Door

Black Magic Door

Scavenger – Strength 2 (Also has same thieving rules as Punk from Opan map)

Red Guardian – Strength 3

Red Knight – Strength 4

Renegade Knight – Strength 5


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