Updated: Northeastern Territories “scaled down” Pictures.

Everything is finally scaled down to a reasonable size. Some of the improvements, aside from saving a whole lot of parts for new territories to build, is that the plates are more modular than they were, keeping everything more flexible when wanting to play a section on their own and reconfigure the boards in different ways and still stay uniform overall. I am mostly happy with the result, though some of the sections, when on their own, look kind of funky, just to get everything to fit. When the individual region pics are posted, this will be obvious. The good thing is that now with things more modular, it is easier to set the maps individually to look really good, or at least better than they do once detached from the whole as they are arranged for the whole.

The desert is still the largest section at 14 plates plus corridors, but the average for the rest is between 7-9 plates plus corridors, making them more in line with the official sets, and Beadom Port being the smallest.

Enjoy the pics.


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3 Responses to Updated: Northeastern Territories “scaled down” Pictures.

  1. andhe says:

    Hey, I like you ideas and especially the desire to bring all the information together. But the photo’s tend to be a little bit dark? Would be interested to see better ones to really highlight all your hard work!

  2. I would too, but sadly, all I have is the camera on my phone. It isn’t the greatest.

  3. woollybah says:

    Yeah, unfortunately your photos never really do it justice… 😦

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