Heroica: World on Fire – The Southwestern Territories, the Other Side, and the Rift.

Well, the next “nine + 1” locations are finally finished, as is the “endgame”, so to speak, for our family Heroica game, at least until Lego catches up with us. The beauty of it is that if LEGO actually expands Heroica more and more in the future (though at this point, how far they intend to go is uncertain, given the slower pace of releasing new additions), this can stand on its own with only minor modifications should LEGO pursue some of the themes presented here, such as “The Rift”, and “The Other Side” of the Rift where all the Goblins and other enemies came from. All I would need to do is continue using other game microfigs as they come out in the future, and make this some other portal, and other rift, with an entirely other invading army into Heroica. But as it stands now, this is the endgame installment for the official LEGO Heroica enemies and where they came from and how they advanced, while continuing to add official “Ennon” sets as they are released to our game as well, as those seem to be, at least as far as I can tell, the official additions LEGO will tackle first.

In any case, going by the official map, and where the Gates of Elsruck and Ilrion are located, the enemy forces seemed to have advanced from the Southwest. So that region, going all the way back to a portal that open and closes the Rift at its uttermost reaches, is the setting for this final installment of the Heroica: World on Fire campaign. There are new locations, new themes, new potions, new weapons, new enemies, and new rules to be introduced here. And, in making up this territory, some things changed in the Northeastern territories have been made as well, beyond just the recently updated “scaled down” version of the territory.

Once I have finished all the blogposts for each particular map within this expansion, I will revisit the changes from the Northeastern Territories and upload new specifics and pictures of the individual layouts for them. After all that is done, I will be using Lego Digital Designer to make my final “official” versions of each of the individual location maps I have made for both the NE and SW territories, and I will make them available for download should anyone wish to import them and compile building instructions (though they may not be exact of course) to use in games.I hope to actually getting around posting my actual reviews of the official LEGO Heroica sets as well, and maybe even try to offer honest assessments of my work as well, since I tend to get lots of traffic, but little by way of comments for people to post reviews themselves.

I wish to give a special shout out to The Object of Legend for the inspiration for the main baddie in my game, as well as the layout ideas for the lair. His concept is brilliant, and I have added and built upon his ideas for my own game concerning the “final battle” to win the whole thing. Details will spelled out when the blogpost on that map when it is posted.

To conclude then, this final installment (for at least a while) to my game includes the  Southwestern territories (7 locations), the Other Side (2 locations) where the enemies came from) and The Rift (not a location…where the enemies came through).  The plus 1 last time was the sea. This time, it was Nowhere. The seven locations in the SW region include a ruined port, a temple area, a barren farmland, a jungle, a destroyed city, a river, and a portal fortress. The Other side includes the portal area + breeding ground for Goblins and Golem Guardians, and a large bridge that leads to the big boss’ lair. Then of course, there is a tiny little “add-on” called “The Rift” that connects each of the portals to travel through. Hope you enjoy the upcoming posts.

Stay tuned!


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