What do you do when you have some extra pieces and you also happen to have kids that love Angry Birds? Well, you create a little “one-off” map and call it Nowhere. It is called Nowhere because Nowhere is literally nowhere. Ah, but making this “one-off” must tie into the game somehow. So, simply making Nowhere is one thing, adding evil, violent mutated parrots is another, but getting it to fit into the overall game and story takes a bit of creative thinking.

As is often emphasized here, story has to be important to the game. If I can’t come up with a plausible reason for a map to exist, I don’t make the map. Period.

So, here is how Nowhere fits into the game, There are several ways to get a hero trapped in Nowhere. Those disks that move Magic doors in the game now require rolls in order to move the doors. Like potions, they are now hazards. One a roll of 1/sword/skull, the door is moved but the Hero loses one health. On a roll of 3/sword, the Heor may move the door to the appropriate color space tile (for instance, Waldurk magic doors can only be placed on the dark bluish-gray spaces), and a roll of the Shield, the Hero may move the door wherever he or she wishes. However, if a Hero rolls a 2/skull, the Hero is transported to Nowhere. Another way to be transported to Nowhere is, by following the Potion rules spelled out on this blog in a previous post, every fourth mishap (either a 1/sword/skull or 2/skull roll) sends you to nowhere. Finally, if a Hero loses health in a battle round with a “boss” enemy, the “boss” transports them to Nowhere (which includes a roll of 1/sword/skull…the Hero still defeat the “boss”, but the Hero still goes to Nowhere).

Nowhere is the most annoying place in all of the Heroica Game. When in Nowhere, the Hero starts at the black jumper tile at the bottom right. The Hero must fight his or her way to the yellow goblets, and remove them from the red jumper tiles and place them on the lime green jumper tiles. This will activate the wand next to the green jumper tile in the upper left section of the map. Once the Hero reaches the green tile, after placing both goblets on the lime green jumper plates, the Hero must use the wand to return to the previous spot on the game board they were before transporting to Nowhere. The rolls to use the wand are as follows:

1/sword/skull – transports back, loses one health, and mishaps (mishap count begins again), 2/Skull – the Hero has a mishap, loses two health, and starts back at the black jumper tile. 3/sword and Shield rolls get the Hero out of Nowhere no problem.

After defeating the Angry Birds (and there is a yellow Boss bird), do not place the defeated in the Hero pack, as the board is reset any time Nowhere is empty. So if two or more Heroes are in Nowhere, the board is not reset until it is completely empty, which means the best time to have to end up in Nowhere for another Hero is when another Hero or group of Heroes are about to leave.

Red Parrot – Strength 1

Yellow Parrot – Strength 2

Bird Traps – 1/sword/skull – loses one health and passes through the trap. 2/skull – loses two health and moves back a space. 3/sword – removes the trap. Shield – removes the trap and advances to the space where the trap was located.


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  1. andhe says:

    Wow that’s kind of crazy. I didn’t fully understand the rules, but guess some of it requires knowledge of your expanded rule book. I like the idea of a ‘dead zone’ though.

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