Port Eusopa

Port Eusopa is the main entry point into the Southwestern Territories. The port has been left in ruins since the Goblins made their way through the region from the portal towards the Northern Kingdom of Ennon. When forces from the Kingdom arrived to battle the invading enemies, they were easily defeated as a hurricane caused the huge navy vessels to shipwreck, leaving the Kingdom forces to be slaughtered easily. Lost in the chaos was the Orb if Absorption that was to be used to squash the invaders.

Items and characters of note:

Crab – Strength 4

Port Scavenger – Strength 5

Scavenger Boss – Strength 6

Orb of Absorption – Requires a shield roll to activate, otherwise does nothing. Can absorb enemy spirits within a four space radius, leaving behind a corpse. Value- 20 Gold

Green Goblet – When health potions are drank from the Green Goblet, the effect of the potion is doubled. Value – 8 Gold


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2 Responses to Port Eusopa

  1. andhe says:

    Hey I like they goblet idea. I have one of those and was wondering what I could use it for. Have you seen my Draida bay expansion? I used the Black Pearl set as my ship, I see you used the Pirate Plank game? Nice work.
    Draida Harbour

  2. Yeah, I saw that. Love it. I get a lot of my inspiration from other MOC creators. I think that is where I may have got the idea to use the crabs.

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