Areopa Temples

The stone temples of Areopa on the cliffs overlooking the sea used to be a place of serenity, study, and training. Since the invasion, the temples were left deserted, and the Black Ninja and his minions have seized control, looking to use the area as a place in which to enact plans to rule the Southwestern territories. Closely guarded is one of the Scepters of Summoning. A powerful relic that can be a force for evil to whoever wields it. The Ninja had always dreamed of leaving Opan to study there, but one of his childhood rivals, the Black Ninja, took a different path towards embracing darkness. After hearing word of his rival’s takeover of Areopa and his sinister plans, the Ninja hopes to restore Aeropa to its former prominence as a place of peace.

Characters and items of note:

Scepter of Summoning (citrine): Summons one defeated, non-black (i.e. no black spiders or bats) enemy mutant animal to shadow and fight for hero. The rolls to summon animals are as folows. 1 (sword/skull) = summons animal but hero loses one health, 2 (skull) = mishap and the hero loses two health, 3 (sword) and 4 (Shield) = successfully summons the animal. Each of the Scepters can also summon the Magical Shopkeeper, which will connect the Magical Shop to the nearest 6×6 plate that has an open space to attach (with enough room as needed as well) to the player that summoned the shop in order for the heroes to purchase goods when away from Opan. The shop will remain open for four rounds and then disappear, so the heroes should stay close to one another if wishing to buy something. The Cost/Worth 7 Gold

Spell Book (not pictured) – Eliminates need for potion rolls. Worth – 7 Gold

Red Ninja – Strength 4

Blue Ninja – Strength 5

Black Ninja (not pictured) – Strength 6

Rocks and Torches – Same as Nathuz


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