New Potions, Items, and Weapons

Trans-Yellow cone with Yellow Cap – Super Strength Potion. Defeats all adjacent enemies. Cost/Worth 4 Gold

Tran-Green (round brick) with Gray Cap – Meal replacement shake. Can substitute for food for one region. (See here) Cost/Worth  1 Gold

Trans-Light Blue with Compass Cap – Adds an additional space/turn movement when on a boat or canoe.Cost/Worth 4 Gold

Trans-Orange with Orange Cap – Pick-Your-Potion-Potion (excludes Annihilation potion). Cost/Worth 7 Gold

Trans-Green 1×1 Brick with Trans-Green Cap – Mega-Meal Potion. Can be used to replace meals and is good for three regions. Cost/Worth 4 Gold.

Trans-Light-Blue cone with Trans-Light-Blue Cap – Fountain of Youth Potion (available only at the Xangene River) – Restores full health. Cost/Worth – 9 Gold

Trans-Dark-Blue cone with Blue 1×1 tile Cap – Transformation Potion – Can transform any humanoid enemy into any defeated mutated animal to be fought (mutated animals are generally weaker…best used against bosses).  Cost/Worth 8 Gold

Sai – Can defeat all adjacent enemies or defeat an enemy up to three spaces away in a straight line. Cost/Worth 7 Gold

Swing-rope – Attaches to the head of the hero and can swing to anywhere within reach of where the other end is attached. Cost/Worth 8 Gold.


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2 Responses to New Potions, Items, and Weapons

  1. andhe says:

    Your rules make my mind boggle! Does it all work well, and do the players (young and old) follow it all? I like the rope idea, I guess that is from the Ninjago game, so I should have some of those!

  2. The rules are dead easy actually. Way less complex than a lot of custom rules out there. All I have basically added is more rolls to do things like use potions and summon things. Most of the stuff I made rules for is basically some variation of the official rule for “rocks” and “treasure chests”, I just added my own rolls for other things like potions, and my own traps, and rolls to summon things like the shop and what not.

    I think I finally developed a “hit point” system that will be just as easy to use, but I will need to adjust the strength levels of all my baddies and add damage points to the heroes to make it work.

    All in all though, the rules here are a lot easier than any basic rpg.

    What bits do you find confusing?

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