This area is where the heroes start. Before the game, a player rolls the Dice to see where the heroes attach the Start/Gathering place. The rolls are as follows. A 1 (sword/skull) attaches the start to Zakkar Fortress. 2 (skull) attaches to Areopa Temples, 3 (sword) attaches to Draida Bay, and a 4 (shield) attaches at any outer 6×6 plate with an open space tile of the heroes choice (Excluding the Otherside).

This area can also be used as a Gathering for the heroes. It can be summoned by the magical wands or scepters. The Gathering is a place for the heroes to gather and recoup from battle, plot and make strategic plans, and upon entering the heroes can regain up to three health. The Gathering may ONLY be summoned after an entire territory has been cleared of enemies, and only summoned from an outer region of the territory with an available space tile on an edge. The rolls are as follows:  1 (sword/skull) summons the Gathering but costs two health (though up to three is returned upon entering the Gathering), 2 (skull) = mishap and hero loses 3 health, 3 (sword) and 4 (Shield) = summons the Gathering. The Gathering can be attached to the nearest 6×6 outer plate with an open space tile on the edge to the one who summoned it.

The reason there are 15 space tiles is because by the time Ilrion is released, there will be 15 heroes in my game. There are 11 posted, Ilrion has three new ones, since I plan on making the King a “Hero” just in case LEGO does not. When Mini-Taurus is released, I plan on making the red Gladiator microfig into a hero. I may add more heroes depending on the microfigs from Mayan Mystica as well. We’ll see…


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2 Responses to Start/Gathering

  1. andhe says:

    15 Heroes! Does that mean 15 players? Or have you developed ‘hero party’ rules as well? (ie a player can add to and control multiple heroes in his ‘party/group’). Will be interesting to see what microfigs the Mayan Game brings out (assuming it does), and eagle warrior or something like that would be great.

  2. I haven’t developed party rules yet. I probably will though, since it would be a lot of fun that way. I doubt I will ever find 15 players though. But I want to make things feel as “complete” as I can.

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