Two New Heroes – Empaths

The Empaths hail from the village of Ligead. They were trained for combat and survival by Dorf. Dorf realized when the twins were very young that they had the unique gift of mimicking the talents and skills of others, as well as having the gift of influencing the minds of evildoers, and he honed in on their abilities to make them fierce warriors for peace. They do not look terribly threatening, but looks can be deceiving. Rescuing their mentor from the Firetamers is their top priority, but they know Dorf would have them join in the fight to free Heroica and rid it of all evil, especially the evil that came out of Ligead itself in the form of four villagers who have used their mind control powers to form a small army which they used to take over the portal fortress of Danrolf. There, they have control over the gateway to the Rift that leads to The Otherside, and allow the enemy forces access in and out of Heroica without trouble in exchange for a share of control after the invasion.

Ranged Skill – Can use the Melee or Ranged skill of the closest Hero (by number of spaces, or can choose from heroes if more than one are equal distance from them), or they can cause an enemy to off himself up to four spaces away in any direction.


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