Vaneer City

Vaneer City was once a bustling city before the invasion. Left in the wake of the Goblin forces advancing toward Ennon, savages now roam the city, and the gladiator arenas have become a hot spot of illicit gaming and gambling. The desolate and ruined streets are filled with danger, and relics and treasure as well. The gladiators are in possession of two weapons known as Corporeal Staffblades. These two weapons are among the few known weapons that can be used against The Dark One, who is rumored to be the ultimate enemy on the other side of the Rift. According to legend, a Corporeal Staffblade must be used to make the incorporeal Dark One corporeal in order to inflict damage.  However, these weapons will not be yielded without a fight.

Yellow Gladiators – Strength 5

Blue Gladiators – Strength 4

White Gladiators – Strength 4

Gladiator “Bosses” (Yellow, White, and Blue figures from the upcoming Mini-Taraus game…not pictures) – Strength 6

Magic Doors and plates – Same as Waldurk.

Corporeal Staffblades – Worth 15 Gold. When used in regular combat with a Shield roll, it defeats all adjacent enemies like the Axe. When used against The Dark One, a Shield roll is required to change the Dark One into a corporeal (solid) enemy so that damage may be inflicted against The Dark One. This solid state lasts for two entire rounds, for all heroes to take a shot (if close enough).

Orange Character – Merchant – They generally sell items at cost, but they can barter. If a hero wishes to barter (ONLY on any item worth more than 1 Gold, but less than 8 Gold), the dice must be rolled. The rolls are as follows:

1 (sword/skull) = Price remains the same.

2 (skull) = Hero must pay 1 Gold over regular price.

3 (Sword) = Hero can pay 1 Gold under regular price.

4 (Shield) = Hero names the price. (1 Gold minimum).

The merchant will also allow characters to place bets in the arena. A hero can bet up to 5 gold on himself, and the house pays out according to rolls if the hero survives and collects his winnings.

1 (sword/skull) = Merchant refunds bet, accuses hero of cheating, hero gets no money.

2 (skull) = Merchant keeps hero’s money and summons “back-up gladiators” to fight the hero (the defeated gladiators from the hero pack).

3 (Sword) = Merchant pays double the bet.

4 (Shield) = Merchant pays triple the bet.


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