Habeen Farmlands

The plains of Habeen were once a thriving region with plenty of opportunity for the farmers located there. They supplied food and other natural resources for much of the Southwestern Territories, as well as exporting their goods all over Heroica. Since the invasion of the forces of the Dark One, the farmlands have been ravaged. As the first wave of the invaders moved toward The Northern Kingdom of Ennon, they left the region almost desolate, not caring to occupy it or anywhere else in the Southwestern Territories until a second wave of forces to come in order to install a permanent occupation of the territory.

In this aftermath, scavengers have taken to scouring the land and seek to control it. They have no intention of returning the lands to their proper owners, nor any intention of maintaining any sort of order other than their own. These scavengers are not friendly, and they have no intention of allowing travelers easy access through these lands. There is no “boss” for these scavengers, it is everyone for themselves.

Scavenger – Strength 4


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