Mechanics of Hero Packs and Damage Tracking Packs.

The Hero Pack (left) is where the character stores weapons, potions, enemy corpses, food, and other relics collected. It is also where the player keeps track of health points and mishap chips. When a hero loses health cones (these are the red 1×1 round bricks and cones, each player begins with 16, and once they are all gone, the player’s hero is dead) due to combat, mishaps, traps, etc, place them on the top of the hero’s custom structure on the character sheet. Likewise, to track mishaps, place the mishap chips (the trans-red 1×1 plates) on the top of the structure as well. If a hero has five mishaps, the hero vanishes to Nowhere and must escape. Whenever a hero regains Strength, or returns form “Nowhere”, after having been sent due to having five mishaps, place the cones and chips back into their proper stack. Hero Packs are magical. All things picked up by heroes to be stored on Hero Packs (including enemy corpses) basically “shrink” down to be stored in the Hero Pack, which is basically a “magical pouch” carried by the Heroes. No rolls are required for this ability.

The Boss Damage Tracking Pack (center) is used when battling “boss” enemies. Adjust the Strength of the boss engaged by placing unneeded cones on the other side of the 1×1 red brick. When damage is inflicted on a boss, move the strength cones on top of the brick.

 The Regular Combat Damage Tracking Pack

Each hero has the ability to track up to three heroes at once. When engaged in combat, place one of the 1×1 round plates on the top of the enemy or enemies head. On the other side of the red bricks, there are extra round Strength Bricks for the enemies. Add or subtract Strength Bricks to that other side of the red bricks as needed.

See pics for some examples.


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