Treengar Jungles

Editor NOTE: Obviously, with the snakes and structure and stuff, I have obviously taken these parts from the desert. I reworked the Dunes of Daseem (and dumped the spaceman bit), adding a new “boss” character there, and removed all the snakes and snake-related items. I will post the revised version sometime in the future.

The Treengar Jungles is a very dangerous region, it went relatively left alone (for the time being anyway) by the invading forces, who suffered more than expected casualties by entering it. Seeing as the proportion of casualties were not worth sending more in there, the invaders decided to deal with it later.

While the jungle is crawling with snakes and spiders and traps, there is an old temple mound where a man only known as the Snakecharmer built his own new temple on the ruins. He is purported to be a powerful sorcerer, and it is rumored to be developing his own mutant snake army to suit his own ends.

There are many relics, and potions, and treasures in the jungle, some have been left from years and centuries past, and few dare to enter to find any of them, as the danger is not worth the effort.

Lime Snake – Strength 3

Gold Scorpion – Strength 4

Gold Snake Staff –a Snake Potion must be placed upon it to remove it. Once removed, the Staff can belong to the hero that removes it. It is worth 8 Gold.

Snake Potion – Potion to “charm” the Golden Snake Staffs. The rolls are as follows:

1/sword/skull – removes the Staff, but mishap occurs and results in 1 health point lost.

2/Skull – Mishap occurs and hero loses two health points. The hero must back away two spaces, and the Snake Potion is to be placed in the space in front of the Staff.

3/sword – Hero removes the Staff.

Shield – Hero removes the Staff

Snakecharmer – Strength 6

Blue Snake – Strength 5

Trans-yellow Spider – Strength 4

Spider and Webtrap – When encountering a Webtrap, the hero must stop and try to get around the trap. First, the hero must fight the Spider (Strength 2). After defeating the Spider, the hero then rolls to see what happens. The rolls are as follows:

1/sword/skull – The Hero gets around the trap, but loses 1 health point.

2/skull – The hero loses 2 health points, and is trapped in the web for two full rounds (which includes ending the current round, and then two full rounds of the other players) and then is placed back on the space in front of the trap.

3/sword – The hero gets passed the trap undamaged.

Shield – The Hero removes the trap and moves to the space on the other side of where it was.

Trans-green (Emerald) Scepter – See rules for Scepters of Summoning, and this color scepter is one of the portal scepters needed to open the rift (The Portal Scepters are the Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphire Scepters).


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