New Hero: Gladiator

The Gladiator hails from Vaneer. He was a renowned and victorious fighter in the arenas. He sought glory and honor wherever he went. When the invasion happened, his city was left in ruins. The Gladiator was in Opan at the time of the invasion, seeking to make a name for himself, but when word finally got to him that the gladiators had fled rather than fought the invaders, he was outraged. Now, the word on the streets is that the gladiators have returned, finding the city desolate, and have created a new underworld parody of his beloved sport, and there is little honor left in the games, and the Gladiator is set to restore his city and his sport to its proper status.

Melee Skill: Double damage. When The Gladiator rolls a Shield during combat, his damage rolls are doubled. Valid for all adjacent enemies.


NOTE: Pic is fuzzy, but this is the red Gladiator from Mini-Taurus.


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