Ladecia Waters

The waters of Ladecia is a strange wonder of the Southwestern Territories. It is a small, fresh water lake near the ocean, with unique waterfalls seemingly springing up on their own. Rumor has it that there are many secrets in the Chamber of the Waters. However, a Trident Warrior is guarding the chamber, not letting any trespassers come and explore its secrets. He is also rumored to be guarding a Scepter of Summoning in an old dungeon. Few have dared to enter the region because of the Trident Warrior’s army of golden scorpion minions who assist him in protecting the relics.

Characters, and features of note: (from the map, and picture left to right)

Trident Warrior – Srtrength 8

Pearl Gold Scorpion – Strength 4

Drawbidge – The Drawbridge is the region’s trap. It is very dangerous. When a herocomes to the space adjacent to the level, the hero must stop and operate the lever. To lower the drawbridge, the rolls are as follows:

1/sword – The hero lowers the bridge, but has a mishap and loses two health points.

2/skull – The hero has a mishap, becomes trapped under the bridge for two rounds, and loses three health points. After the two rounds, the hero is free and is placed in front of the lever again, or as near as possible if other heroes are in the way.

3/sword – The hero lowers the drawbridge.

Shield – The hero lowers the drawbridge.


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