Xangene River

The Xangene River is the swiftest route to both the Danrolf Portals, and the Rastoon Village. While normally heavily traveled for commerce, the river is now a place for bandits hiding out and hunting for relics on the waters. Since the invasion, the are has been left alone in the Southwestern Territories. There are also many treasures since the raids of the Goblins in their trek towards Ennon left many commercial boats sank and goods spilled through the river and its banks. At the end of the river is a fountain known to have healing properties for those who drink from it from special chalices.

Characters, items, and features of note:

Canoes – These can be found near rivers, or confiscated from defeated enemies on canoes. They are used for getting across rivers or even the sea. They can be stored in Hero Packs. Movement on canoes is similar normal movement, except that it takes one movement space from the total number rolled on the die to make a 90 degree turn. Ex. On a roll of three, a canoe can turn to the right and move two spaces. When a hero is adjacent to a River Bandit in a canoe one space away in any direction, he must stop and engage in combat. Normal combat rules apply. The enemy canoe can be seized and placed in a hero pack and sold for 7 Gold.

River Bandit – Strength 4

Bandit Boss – Strength 5

Trans-light blue Crystal – Crystal of Refreshment. This Crystal can be consumed as food and is good for four regions.

Rapids – This is the region’s trap. If the heroes come adjacent to a space with a trap, the heroes must successfully deal with the trap.

Here are the rolls for dealing with rapids:

1/sword/skull – The rapid subsides, but there is a mishap and the hero loses 2 health points.

2/skull – There is a mishap and the canoe has to back off two spaces, and the hero loses 3 health, points.

3 (sword) The rapids subside and the trap is removed from the board.

 Shield – The rapids subside and the boat may move up to two spaces past it unless there is an enemy blocking the path.


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