The Other Side

The portal at Danrolf opens The Rift to the Other Side. The Other Side is what the people of Heroica call the barren place from which The Dark One rules and forms his armies to seize Heroica. It is a waste land, with precious little natural resources, strange and exotic locations, and rivers of blood flowing throughout. Though the forces of Darkness haven’t opened The Rift in centuries, the portal became active again when the first wave of enemy forces, under the command of the Goblin King, entered Heroica to conquer., as the legand of the past became a reality in the present. Few dared to cross over to the Other Side since the portal opened, and none have for centuries since the Ancient Wizard and his band of heroes ventured deep within the Other Side, back when The Dark One’s forces had invaded Heroica, those many centuries ago, and the heroes of Ennon pushed them back to where they had come. But once again, Heroes are needed to cross over, find the special relics that will destroy the portal, capture the Scepters that open it, and defeat The Dark One once and for all.

The Other Side, like every other world that can be traveled to from Heroica, does not have the mishap curse of Nowhere like Heroica. Unfortunately, things like The Gathering and the Magical Shop can not be summoned though.


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