Okay, so this is loads of fun.


The Official Lego Heroica site has added a new game recently. It is Castle Fortaan. It is basically them giving the Heroica board game away for free on the computer.

The game is basically Heroica Castle Fortaan, so I don’t know what else to say about that since I am obviously a fan of the line, as this blog is evidence of that. In any case, they did a great job on it.

There are three maps, that function as levels, which are like the three configurations provided with the instructions in the game. The final level of course being the one with the Goblin King and his throne room. The game can be played with one to four players, just like the board game, and there are options to have the computer play other characters if there is one, two, or three players wishing to play, but the desire to have all the characters on the board.

When I played it, I chose to be the Barbarian, and chose to be the only player without the computer playing the others.

There are three difficulty levels, which are easy, medium, and expert.For me, the difference is negligible, except the amount of money one begins with at the start of the game, and lower die rolls, which changes how I play the web game.

What I like about it is that Lego gives you the exact same game play, while also giving their interpretation of the rules in those grey areas.

Granted, it is not near as fun as the real thing, in which you get to build the game, expand it how you want, and so forth, but it is good for killing time without setting anything up and wanting to get some Heroica action going.

I  also noticed myself doing things I probably wouldn’t do in the real game, such as ending my turn and waiting around for good roles to use weapons and skills and never once incur damage, but it helps with formulating strategies to use in the real game. Of course, there are also things possible in the the web game that usually doesn’t happen in the board game, such as getting all the items, amassing enough gold to buy almost everything in the store, and so forth.

Anyway,  I like this game, as it is closer to what one can expect from buying the board game so far as game play is concerned, than the other Heroica web game they have had online for some time now.Though, I must admit, I am a fan of that game as well for what it is in its own right.

It is nice to see the official Heroica site getting some attention as well.

Well done Lego.

If you are reading this and are bored, have a go at it.


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