Saplar Portal

Saplar Portal is the entry point to the Other Side from Heroica’s Danrolf portal. It is a heavily guarded portal, with strange beasts roaming everywhere in the region. It is a very dangerous place. The ancient people of Heroica tell stories of the first time the portal was discovered and opened, that a few brave men from Ennon crossed over the Rift and only one made it back, barely alive to tell the tale of the horrific beasts that awaits them on the Other Side. Few since have dared to cross over, and very few have ever returned. The Other Side is largely a mystery, but the Ancient Wizard from Ennon and his heroes supposedly made it all the way through to the lair of The Dark One, and charted most of the territory. Their tale is in the Heroica Book of Lore. This ancient book records the history and legends of Heroica, and the Ancient Wizard’s tale chronicles his journey to the Other Side with his band of heroes to defeat The Dark One. It includes maps and other details, but few believed the tale these days until the portal opened once again with the invading armies coming back to once again try to occupy Heroica.

Characters, items, and features of note: (from left to right)

Portal Mighty-taur – Strength 7

Portal Minotaur – Strength 7

Sapphire Scepter of Summoning – This is one of the portal scepters between Heroica and the Other Side. It must be captured. Nothing can be summoned by the heroes when on the Other Side. Cost/Worth – Not For Sale.


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