The Traplands

The Traplands is a desert guarded by Golems. Worse though is that there are a series of traps that must be navigated. According to legend, these traps bring down spikes on the heads of those that which to cross the desert. The AncientWizard’s writings warn that only the swiftest and most cunning can survive them. There is no other known route to travel deeper into the Other Side than through The Traplands.

Characters and features of note: (from left to right)

Golem Guardian – Strength 5

Golem Lord – Strength 6

Spike Trap – This is the region’s trap. When coming adjacent to a trap, the hero must stop and roll to see what happens. The rolls for navigating the trap are as follows:

1/sword/skull – The hero may move to the next space though is injured by the trap. Loses two health.

2/skull – The hero is hit by the trap and loses four health.

3/sword – The trap does not trigger, the hero remains in the space next to the trap.

Shield – The trap does not trigger, and the hero may advance up to four spaces.


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