Bloodrun Fortress

The Bloodrun Fortress is a fortified area on the Other Side Northeast of the Tremion. The fortress has rivers of blood flowing all through it, and it can not be navigated on foot. One must use a canoe to paddle through the river, and do ones best to keep from vomiting while getting through the fortress. According to the Ancient Wizard, the whole experience is nauseating, and there are dangerous creatures all throughout it.

Characters, items, and features of note: (from left to right)

Morganite Scepter of Summoning – Does nothing on the Other Side, but it could be a scepter for another portal somewhere. Cost/Worth 8 Gold

Red Spider – Strength 3

Red Frog – Strength 4

Reddish-Brown Rat – Strength 5

Trans-Black Bottle – Medicine – Restores all Health Cost/Worth 11/9 Gold

Stone Guardians – Strength 6


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