Lego updates Heroica website.

Lego has updated the official Heroica website, and have added Ilrion information to the Heroica Book of Lore concerning the heroes, monsters, spells, and relics. There is also the new Comic #5 for the next chapter in the Heroica comic video saga, and they have added dialog with the bubble pop-ups. In other news, it appears that Nathuz is being discontinued and has been removed from the product list.

The video is worth a watch, and it drops hints that the Heroica saga is just getting started. It appears that Lego intends to indeed continue the product line by adding additional sets in the future. One of the funny things about the video is that the Vampire Lord says that “his master” has opened a “gate” (not referred to as the rift) with more monsters coming through it. Sounds very familiar…LOL.

In any case, also in the video, the Barbarian bows out in going on to Ilrion to rescue the King, and insists returning to his people’s camps to fight Goblins that are there. This could be Barresh Settlements. The video shows an image of the camps, and the structure looks a lot like the structure from the Ganrash polybag, with slightly different colors.

The image included here is a MOC I made inspired by a combination of the image of the camps in the video, and the picture from the Book of Lore Map.


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One Response to Lego updates Heroica website.

  1. Sikun says:

    Iam a heroica fan from germany. I like to “tune” the sets, bigger and more details. Ich have a pirate ship game and other parts an build a big ship with place too fight, a cage , pirates an cannons on each side. I have seen the fire and think thats the perfekt place vor my princes.
    My castle 5
    King -ilrion
    Butler/teacher lego harry potter dumbledor
    Princess-pink digre lego game

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