Tremion Pyramid

According to the Ancient Wizard’s tale of the Other Side in the Heroica Book of Lore, what he called the Tremion pyramid, is the ugliest sight he had every seen. There is nothing but endless darkness surrounding it, except for the Makker Pits to the West, the Traplands to the South, and that wretched fortress to the Northeast. Navigating the pyramid is a must for the adventurer that wishes to explore more of the Other Side. The Ancient Wizard gives a warning, however. The warning is that not only is the pyramid an ugly sight to bear, but it is also crawling with Goblins.

Characters and items of note: (from left to right)

Portal Destoryer (Ruby) – This relic is powerful enough to destroy a portal mound where the Scepters are mounted.

The Goblin Guardian – Strength 5

Goblin Warrior – Strength – 4


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