Hartuurn Maze

Hartuurn Maze is rumored to be even more annoying and troublesome than Nowhere. Large beasts fill the maze, and there is no way around the maze. In order to go deeper into the Other Side, one must navigate the maze. In the Ancient Wizard’s tale, the maze is extremely difficult, and there are contraptions in the maze that make getting through it without getting lost a cumbersome process.

Characters, items, and features of note:

Blue Beast – Strength 6

Gray Beast – Strength 5

Black Beast – Strength 4

Diamond Scepter of Summoning – This is one of the portal scepters between Heroica and the Other Side. It must be captured. Nothing can be summoned by the heroes when on the Other Side. Cost/Worth – Not For Sale.

Spinner Contraption – This is the cumbersome contraption that spins one through the maze. The hero must roll to see how far the contraption spins, and then the hero must immediately make a movement roll to and get off the contraption, regardless of the direction it is facing. If a contraption is blocking the hero from moving onto a contraption, the hero must stop and operate the handle and roll to see if the spinner ends its spin in a favorable direction so the hero can get on it. The rolls to spin the contraption is as follows:

1/sword/skull – Contraption spins 90 degrees clockwise.

2/skull – Contraption spins 180 degrees clockwise.

3/sword – Contraption spins 270 degrees clockwise.

Shield – Hero picks the direction where he or she wants the contraption to end up facing.


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