Darkdoom Lair

The Darkdoom Lair is where The Dark One exercises his rule over all of the Other Side. This is where the Ancient Wizard and his band of heroes had their final showdown. According to the Book of Lore, The Dark One defeated all the remaining band of heroes except the Ancient Wizard and two others. The legend says that The Dark One can not be harmed, except that one of the heroes struck him with a Corporeal Staffblade and the phantom became solid for a short period of time. In the end, The Dark One drove the survivors out of the lair. The Ancient Wizard decided to not continue the fight, figuring that they had done enough to destroy The Dark One’s enemies. Upon leaving, the Ancient Wizard heard The Dark One swear revenge, though the Ancient Wizard thought that there would be no one after defeating his forces so badly in the war. Legand has it that the Ancient Wizard, whose name is Wubarion, vanished shortly after returning to Fortaan, secretly pursuing new forms of magic. Will the heroes succeed where the others had failed all those centuries ago, or will they declare a moral victory and once again leave The Dark One be? Will the heroes even make it to the lair to find out?

Characters, items, and features of note: (from left to right)

The Dark One Solid – Strength 15

The Dark One Incorporeal – Strength – Can not take damage.

Fighting The Dark One – When a Corporeal Staffblade (See Southwestern Territories Sourcebook: Vaneer City) is used against The Dark One, a Shield or 3/sword roll is required to change the Dark One into a corporeal (solid) enemy so that damage may be inflicted against The Dark One. This solid state lasts for two entire rounds, for all heroes to take a shot (if close enough). The Orb of Absorption (See Southeastern Territories Sourcebook: Port Eusopa) may be used against The Dark One as well, but requires a shield roll to activate, otherwise does nothing, and can not be attempted again, as the relic becomes useless. This orb can absorb enemy spirits within a four space radius, trapping them inside. In the event that all remaining heroes in the lair fall to four or less health remaining, Wu the Magical Shopkeeper will appear and each hero takes a turn using Wu to defeat The Dark One. Wu has 16 health. If Wu wins, the heroes win, if Wu dies, the heroes may continue to fight until the end, or drop all remaining items in their hero packs except their canoes, and retreat back to Heroica.

Lair Guardian – Strength 9

Goblin King – Strength 8

Dark Druid – Strength 6

Large Brown Spider – Strength 4

Portal Destoryer (Emerald) – This relic is powerful enough to destroy a portal mound where the Scepters are mounted.

Bridge Spinner – This is the region’s trap. It is a cumbersome contraption that spins one on the bridge. The hero must roll to see how far the contraption spins. Once the hero is on the bridge spinner, the hero can not get off until there is a path to go on. If there is no path, the hero must remain on the bridge spinner until facing a direction that will allow the hero to continue on the bridge. If a hero has put the contraption in a good spot in which a clear path of spaces allow for movement on through the contraption, no further spinning is required. The rolls to spin the contraption is as follows:

1/sword/skull – Contraption spins 90 degrees clockwise.

2/skull – Contraption spins 180 degrees clockwise.

3/sword – Contraption spins 270 degrees clockwise.

Shield – Hero picks the direction where he or she wants the contraption to end up facing.

The Black Key – This key is the only key that can unlock the door to the lair. It can unlock nothing else. It would be a nice relic that can fetch a good price if sold. Cost/Worth 22/20 Gold.


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